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Do the eyes of a hero have to work?
Do the legs of a hero have to work?
Does the voice of a hero have to work?
Or is she a hero?
When she wakes, what will she see?
If she wakes, will she see? Will she?
If she wakes will she move?
Will she speak like a hero?
While she's asleep does she hear those who wake and weep,
who wish to sleep, can't bear to keep her sleeping?
While she's asleep, does she fear my being near so she can hear me,
hear that she's a hero?
Can she hear me? So she knows she's near me?
"Goodbye"s "Hello"s but can she hear me, "Happy New Year", but can she hear me, crystal clear, me?
Yes, another year she's sleeping here, she's sound and still, another year she's still sleeping.
Does she know I'm scared,
or is she unaware, just laying there waiting to share the dreams she's dreamt so far, so fair,
like Snow White's skin, sleeping, hiding from Snow White's Seven Deadly Sins?
Would she prefer to be the princess who will wake, or does she know, she is a hero?
And when she wak
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
So She Adopted (slam poem)
The baby was blue.
The baby was the only thing she had to hold onto
the keystone that she needed when her life collapsed into itself
cause her would-be baby daddy left her lonely crying to herself
just when she'd finished getting through herself
because she knew.
She can't give birth.
And she can't watch the movie "UP" because it would remind her,
she can't mother, or so said the doctor,
but, she said, she'd find out how to be a mother, somehow, be a mother.
So she adopted.
And although the baby wasn't hers by birth
she'd tried before, embedded in her mind, before the baby,
and she can't admit she calls herself a tomb
and she's afraid of her own womb
she hides the history but when she's all alone inside a room
it bubbles up just like a blister
holding back the screams of the baby's foster brothers and sisters
who never made it past the first trimester.
And although the baby wasn't hers by birth
she felt like it was living proof
that she had not committed murder-
what she had conside
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
The Poem about Diamonds
"I accidentally fell in love," I said.
I went on to explain myself.
I told the story
the story that I read to myself at night,
the lullaby,
the song that I sing in the shower,
the tale
of how I dug through the garden of my soul
and unearthed pure diamonds
already cut and ready for me to wear as jewelry-
as evidence that yes,
I really am this happy.
And so went the story of how I "accidentally" fell in love.
And it was a mistake.
I didn't mean for it to happen.
But the best things in life happen by accident.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 2 0
In a crescendo of notes
flowing up and down
black and white keys,
a river runs upwards
to caress canopies,
fleeting streams
flow from the mouth
with singing bells
that float through currents
up to meet the crest
where leaves embrace intangible heaven.
All products of
the threads that interweave
the riverbed,
the nylon strings that glow of
choral history,
pulsing earth with rhythm,
Always there.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 0
It is the worst way to go...
and yet, we subject entire worlds
to such... ambiguity.
People. Faces.
Wiped, but not wiped out,
not in an incident.
There is no tragedy,
no intensity,
only a slow fade to nothingness.
And all of the histories,
the timelines that were truly, truly real,
the places that you could feel,
stopped existing.
That one joke that was said,
that one sentence you couldn't get over.
They became a dream.
And so one day they became harder to reach.
But not unreachable.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 0
Winter Serpent
The winged serpent in the snow
will bite you with an icy glare
because your soul, the serpent knows;
a burning star resides inside.
It swallows stellar bodies whole
with frozen jaws opening wide,
and empty coldness that it stole,
it tries to fill with warmer air.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
Why We Let Go
A second chance is not an act of mercy
but a belief
that the human soul
can do better.
When I hold your life
in the palms of my hands
do not make me clench
them into fists-
you have cracked your heart
and I will not clean up
the pieces
and the cold dark dust
that explodes
at the end of every disaster.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 2 7
I hope you need those wings to fly
I can't help but to feel
that I took the fall
because I could take the fall.
I am still golden.
Maybe you needed a crutch.
You couldn't have made it this far without it.
I've come so far
and I've grown so much,
learning how to be happy with humanity's abstract concepts.
But I imagine you flying with invisible wings
and I wonder why I don't have wings
when I've worked so hard and so long to get them.
Wasn't it my goal to fly?
If you didn't have those wings, I'd imagine that you'd plummet.
But I'm so afraid
that if you couldn't fly
you would still be able to walk.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 1
Teenager Factory
Empathy is an art, and like all forms of creativity
I have to unleash it- I need it,
as I'm sitting in the corner
talking about creative robots,
sparkling memories,
social constructs,
divine beings,
fingers, colors, names
I need to know, why
why do you come over and ask if I'm okay?
Why do you care that I'm not talking to everyone?
Why can't you read my emotions?
Why can't you tell that I'm happy.
Empathy is a skill, and like all forms of skill,
it must be trained,
but as we charge through the darkest storms
we learn how to spot others. So,
why does it feel like you
are a man-made machine?
Do you think about these things?
Why are you programmed to state the hour,
every hour,
and why are coded patterns of statements and questions
emanating from your presence?
Why does it feel as if my world is gone,
as I swallow the taste of iron
to prevent it from slipping down my mouth
where conveyor belts wait.
Empathy is a word, and like all words,
it is insignificant.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 2 1
Hot breath hugging the curve of the golden apple...
I wouldn't hesitate to bite.
And that's the most I would do...
My skin can be this delicious.
A marinade flowing between us, a bridge of savor.
Exhaling oxygen.
Our breaths a seesaw,
a rocking horse,
the layer of purity beneath innocence
chipped away in the heat.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 3 2
Call me!
Call me back, like you always do,
you never hesitate to give me a ring.
Make me dance and make me laugh,
and you can even try to make me sing.
You're always high above my head,
secretly giving me everything,
so call me back like you always do,
call me back with those puppet strings.
Like a candle, that old handle
sends a mighty fire to me.
When I feel your hand, I understand
the reasons why we're meant to be.
We move together, I don't know whether
or not you're feeling the same thing,
but one thing's for sure, that there's nothing more
than what I've got, nothing in being free.
You've got to call me back, like you always do,
no matter how many splinters you get.
Don't just leave me, please retrieve me
if you ever happen to forget.
I might be over thinking it all,
because nothing wrong has happened yet.
But call me back, like you always do,
just please, please call me back.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
Past Midnight
Fate brings us closer together once more,
as if the story will never be done,
but we've already learned and we've already grown
so I feel like I've already won.
How much more can I change, and what more do I need
is there reason to this anymore?
Or is happiness all that remains of our fate
until the end I've been waiting for?
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 0
A Little to the Left
That intimate position will negate any admission you would need to speak with me..
I'm always open for a chat with you, in fact I'd rather that you do proceed...
We don't even need a topic, since I know you're not myopic and we have such chemistry...
Just promise that we'll speak again, or my life will become bleak again, you see~
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 0
Sweet Stinger
The honey flowing from your lips
cascading like a golden curtain of sweet silk
did not reach my tongue, but instead my lungs
as I breathed in the taste, the warmth,
the smooth essence of your words
which I savor in my own.
The pure emotion in your eyes
lured me to your hive
surrounding me with the comfort
that I was idly searching for.
I was addicted to the taste I hadn't even tasted,
but I heard it, I saw it, I smelled it, I felt it,
I breathed it, I lived it, I loved it, I kept it.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
A Note to Visitors
An oasis in a stone palace,
my heart is a waterfall of life,
a burst of lush elation
buried in ancient walls and pillars
clutching onto one another-
twisting mazes of cold,
ancient rock
that fear the wandering touches of tourists.
(my heart is
a breath of life in a tomb,
a treasure to be found
but not taken,
not even in pictures
because the flash can be damaging!)
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 0 0
headless horses
You force my head down like you're booking me
got me boiling and drowning like you're cooking me
when you look towards the ground, you think you look at me
but I'm still around without what you took from me.
You do what you do cause you're afraid of change
we are stallions who don't need you holding reins
and if only you knew that we share the same pain,
yes, it's true, believe it or not we are the same.
:iconcato-chan:Cato-chan 1 0


Let's Play Mode! by CallMeGav Let's Play Mode! :iconcallmegav:CallMeGav 59 19 Rich and Creamy Mocha Frappuccino Drink by theresahelmer Rich and Creamy Mocha Frappuccino Drink :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 707 24 Draw it again. Again.  by Artgerm Draw it again. Again. :iconartgerm:Artgerm 5,442 500 False Sun by JadeMere False Sun :iconjademere:JadeMere 3,053 111
Daily Lit Recognition for January 27th 2015
Daily Lit Recognition for January 27th, 2015
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.  
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Suggested by: LunaNitor
Featured by: Medoriko 

Dark Riddles by silvertitan93
Suggester says:I like this piece because it has some great descriptive imagery
and metaphors. It is somewhat vague and leaves the reader
to decide what exactly makes them feel the way the poet describes "it" as.
Featured by: AyeAye12

Sgraffito by Cato-chan
Cato-chan has a great array of romantic, lyrical work, and this is definitely
his f
:icondailylitrecognition:DailyLitRecognition 10 7
Larva by Wersalka Larva :iconwersalka:Wersalka 1,447 128 Mimi by zlxcoco100 Mimi :iconzlxcoco100:zlxcoco100 230 26 Shiny and Curly by Sapphiresenthiss Shiny and Curly :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 2,205 488
Hate Letter To Love
You stain like red wine lust,
Slopping that goblet of obsession
with the elegance of
a puppy-eyed dreamer,
Spilling euphoria as if
it’s as infinite as God.
But Love is not a god,
it’s a chained dog
yapping at the heels of
the inevitable death
of a relationship,
Wagging its tail
until The Expected smashes into your face,
a brick of reluctant empathy
turning your soul into
“Moral Corn”
And still,
you pick up the shards
of a mirror you made a shield,
piercing cubist teardrops together
with the glue of desperation
until you have the faux image of true beauty,
a nursery-made glass sculpture,
And the cycle
for the last time,
for the fifth time.
You coat a beloved friend in the clay of cliché,
You cook the popcorn of backstab-born self-esteem,
Get down,
And watch the
Trying to drown in its
diamond cushions,
Dreaming of the utopia
that will apparently bloom
from you and him or her and your embrace
but here’s the thing.
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 9 8
Life is now by AquaSixio Life is now :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 9,334 326 Chapel by AlexShatohin Chapel :iconalexshatohin:AlexShatohin 6,450 248 Minecraft by griffsnuff Minecraft :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 7,113 427 Eevee Banana Splits by TsaoShin Eevee Banana Splits :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 17,817 2,594
Before you kill yourself...
Before you kill yourself,
Remember just one little thing.
There are places to go,
Where you have never been before.
How can you be sure those places are bad?
There are things to see,
Things you have never seen before.
How can you be sure those things are ugly?
There is a new tune to hear,
Something you've never heard before.
How can you be sure that tune is scary?
There are words to be said,
Things that have never been said before.
How can you be sure those words are hurtful?
There are dreams to be imagined,
Things you have never dreamed before.
How can you be sure that they are nightmares?
Darling, please don't give up.
Please stay strong.
And please.
Don't let go.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 2,055 837
Creepy Pokemon Artwork: Chansey From Hell
Celebrate this week's launch of Pokemon X and Y with a daily dose of disturbing Pokemon artwork. The adorable Pokemon, Chansey, gets several creepy and realistic twists.

chansey by nastyjungle
Chanseydon Preview by Gumbogamer

Chanbra by SolaMontoya
Chansey by altered-worlds     Chansey by OMGaMOOSE
Chansey and Ratata by lmerlo72

And some Pokemon fusion Chansey mashups:
Pokemon Fusion 4 - Eleggtrode by BonnyJohnElectresy by JosemonCosplay
Pokemon Fusion by eduardocatebPokeFusion - Geosey by kaj18
Pokemon Fusion: Psysey by SakuraSetsuna
Pasey by KinkoKitty
:icondanlev:danlev 870 191
ADOPT flower poromimi [AUCTION] CLOSED* by Hinausa ADOPT flower poromimi [AUCTION] CLOSED* :iconhinausa:Hinausa 914 110


Oh my god Antigone is amazing. The sass levels.

Guard: May I speak? Or shall I just turn and go?
Creon: Do you not know that even now your voice offends?
Guard: Is your smart in the ears or in the soul? 
Creon: And why would you define the seat of my pain?
Guard: The doer vexes your mind, I your ears.
Creon: Ah, you are a born babbler, it's easy to see.
Guard: Maybe but never the doer of this deed.
Creon: More too, the seller of your life for silver.
Guard: Alas, it's truly sad that he who judges should misjudge.


Ismene: But will you slay the betrothed of your own son?
Creon: There are other fields for him to plow.

Ohhhhh snaaap


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