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Hot breath hugging the curve of the golden apple...
I wouldn't hesitate to bite.

And that's the most I would do...

My skin can be this delicious.
A marinade flowing between us, a bridge of savor.

Exhaling oxygen.
Our breaths a seesaw,
a rocking horse,
the layer of purity beneath innocence
chipped away in the heat.
Call me back, like you always do,
you never hesitate to give me a ring.
Make me dance and make me laugh,
and you can even try to make me sing.
You're always high above my head,
secretly giving me everything,
so call me back like you always do,
call me back with those puppet strings.

Like a candle, that old handle
sends a mighty fire to me.
When I feel your hand, I understand
the reasons why we're meant to be.
We move together, I don't know whether
or not you're feeling the same thing,
but one thing's for sure, that there's nothing more
than what I've got, nothing in being free.

You've got to call me back, like you always do,
no matter how many splinters you get.
Don't just leave me, please retrieve me
if you ever happen to forget.
I might be over thinking it all,
because nothing wrong has happened yet.
But call me back, like you always do,
just please, please call me back.
Fate brings us closer together once more,
as if the story will never be done,
but we've already learned and we've already grown
so I feel like I've already won.
How much more can I change, and what more do I need
is there reason to this anymore?
Or is happiness all that remains of our fate
until the end I've been waiting for?
Past Midnight
Not that good but meh, writers write?
That intimate position will negate any admission you would need to speak with me..
I'm always open for a chat with you, in fact I'd rather that you do proceed...
We don't even need a topic, since I know you're not myopic and we have such chemistry...
Just promise that we'll speak again, or my life will become bleak again, you see~
The honey flowing from your lips
cascading like a golden curtain of sweet silk
did not reach my tongue, but instead my lungs
as I breathed in the taste, the warmth,
the smooth essence of your words
which I savor in my own.
The pure emotion in your eyes
lured me to your hive
surrounding me with the comfort
that I was idly searching for.
I was addicted to the taste I hadn't even tasted,
but I heard it, I saw it, I smelled it, I felt it,
I breathed it, I lived it, I loved it, I kept it.
Oh my god Antigone is amazing. The sass levels.

Guard: May I speak? Or shall I just turn and go?
Creon: Do you not know that even now your voice offends?
Guard: Is your smart in the ears or in the soul? 
Creon: And why would you define the seat of my pain?
Guard: The doer vexes your mind, I your ears.
Creon: Ah, you are a born babbler, it's easy to see.
Guard: Maybe but never the doer of this deed.
Creon: More too, the seller of your life for silver.
Guard: Alas, it's truly sad that he who judges should misjudge.


Ismene: But will you slay the betrothed of your own son?
Creon: There are other fields for him to plow.

Ohhhhh snaaap


United States
My favorite color is orange. I love pancakes. It is stupid if anyone eats pancakes without syrup.

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