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"I accidentally fell in love," I said.
I went on to explain myself.
I told the story
the story that I read to myself at night,
the lullaby,
the song that I sing in the shower,
the tale
of how I dug through the garden of my soul
and unearthed pure diamonds
already cut and ready for me to wear as jewelry-
as evidence that yes,
I really am this happy.

And so went the story of how I "accidentally" fell in love.
And it was a mistake.
I didn't mean for it to happen.
But the best things in life happen by accident.
The Poem about Diamonds
Written at a poetry slam event 3/28/15.
In a crescendo of notes
flowing up and down
black and white keys,
a river runs upwards
to caress canopies,

fleeting streams
flow from the mouth
with singing bells
that float through currents
up to meet the crest
where leaves embrace intangible heaven.

All products of
the threads that interweave
the riverbed,
the nylon strings that glow of
choral history,
pulsing earth with rhythm,
Always there.
It is the worst way to go...
and yet, we subject entire worlds
to such... ambiguity.
People. Faces.
Wiped, but not wiped out,
not in an incident.
There is no tragedy,
no intensity,
only a slow fade to nothingness.

And all of the histories,
the timelines that were truly, truly real,
the places that you could feel,
stopped existing.
That one joke that was said,
that one sentence you couldn't get over.
They became a dream.
And so one day they became harder to reach.
But not unreachable.
The winged serpent in the snow
will bite you with an icy glare
because your soul, the serpent knows;
a burning star resides inside.

It swallows stellar bodies whole
with frozen jaws opening wide,
and empty coldness that it stole,
it tries to fill with warmer air.
Winter Serpent
This was originally about me being mad. I was the serpent. Then I changed it!
A second chance is not an act of mercy
but a belief
that the human soul
can do better.
When I hold your life
in the palms of my hands
do not make me clench
them into fists-
you have cracked your heart
and I will not clean up
the pieces
and the cold dark dust
that explodes
at the end of every disaster.
Why We Let Go
This should be longer but this was basically the entire thing... hard to explain. I wouldn't be able to add more without it seeming superfluous. 
Oh my god Antigone is amazing. The sass levels.

Guard: May I speak? Or shall I just turn and go?
Creon: Do you not know that even now your voice offends?
Guard: Is your smart in the ears or in the soul? 
Creon: And why would you define the seat of my pain?
Guard: The doer vexes your mind, I your ears.
Creon: Ah, you are a born babbler, it's easy to see.
Guard: Maybe but never the doer of this deed.
Creon: More too, the seller of your life for silver.
Guard: Alas, it's truly sad that he who judges should misjudge.


Ismene: But will you slay the betrothed of your own son?
Creon: There are other fields for him to plow.

Ohhhhh snaaap


United States
My favorite color is orange. I love pancakes. It is stupid if anyone eats pancakes without syrup.

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